PRIMAFLEX is an autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced cement flat sheet manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to provide superior performance and long lasting durability.

PRIMAFLEX sheets comply with MS1296:1992 - specification for fibre cement flat sheets.

PRIMAFLEX is manufactured from top grade cellulose fibre, finely ground sand, Portland cement and water. It do not contain asbestos, glass fibres or formaldehyde.

PRIMAFLEX thickness may be selected based on the table below and the performance criteria specified by the designer. Thicker sheets will provide better resistance to impact and wind load.

PRIMAFLEX is classified as a Class “O” building material under the Malaysia Uniform Building By-laws 1984. When tested in accordance with BS 476; Fire tests on building material and structure, PRIMAFLEX achieves the following results:-

• Fire Propagation - Fire Propagation Index, I<1 (BS 476 Part 6)
• Surface Spread of Flame - Class 1 (BS 476 Part 7)


  MST reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice in any way that will not alter installed appearance or reduced function and performance.