MST Hygiene Board is a perfect board for modern architecture that looks for a clean, germs free and healthy environment. The board contains anti bacterial formulas on the surface of the board which can effectively eliminate bacteria growth. MST Hygiene Board also contains other attributes in each different board such as sound absorption, fire resistant, moisture resistant, heat insulation, product diversification which makes it the best choice of false ceiling installations.


1. What is MST Hygiene Board?
  MST Hygiene Board is an anti-bacterial board that can kills germs(board surface).

2. How does it kill germs?
  The board has specially integrated with bactericides and fungicides that can kill germs immediately when in contact on the surface of the board.

3. How would I know for sure that the germs will be killed?
  Germs will be killed upon contact with the surface of the board.
You may perform the following swab test. Use a sterilized cotton bud, swipe it against the surface of MST Hygiene Board and culture it in a peril dish. After 3 days of incubation, the result will show of non bacteria growth.
If you were to perform the same test but on an ordinary emulsion board, bacteria growth can be detected after 3 days.

4. Where should this board be applied?
  It is strongly recommended that MST Hygiene Board is used in hygienic sensitive places like:
  • Residential - Elderly members or children at home, asthmatic family members, family members with allergies
  • Medical - Hospital, clinics, surgical units and dental centre
  • Institution - Food and beverages preparation areas, restaurants, kitchen, nursing home and children centre
5. Does this product effective in high critical area like operation theatre?
  No, it is not recommendable for this board. But, we strongly recommend to use our other methods for this area.
6. Were there any tests done to confirm that this product effectively kill germs?

Yes, MST Hygiene Board is tested and certified by PSB Corporation (Singapore). The test were carried out using a novel procedure based, Japanese Industrial Standard and for anti-microbial activity and efficacy (JIS Z2801:2000).


Normal Board Versus Hygiene Board
7. How long can the anti-bacterial property last on the board?
  The anti-bacteria property will last as long as the surface treatment is in good condition and it is free from holes and cracks.
8. What happen if there is a hole or a crack on the board?
  It is then exposed to bacteria attack on the particular hole or crack.
9. Will the bacteria attack the rest of the area?
  No. As long as the surface on the rest of the board is in good condition , the bacteria will only be affected on the holed or crack spot but these area can be concealed with Anti-Germ Sealant that gives extra protection against the infected area.
10. Since this product can kill germs, is it hazardous?
  It is non hazardous and the product is a non-consumable goods.

  MST reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice in any way that will not alter installed appearance or reduced function and performance.