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We are enhance one stop online portal search for building materials from ceiling, partition, flooring and relevant building materials accessories.

Our various product - MST Tee Bars & Ceiling, USG Mineral Fibre Board, Boral Gypsum, Rondo Steel Stud, Hume, Rockwool, Amazon & Essensa Carpets & LVT (Laminated Vinyl Tiles) and relevant building materials accessories.

MST Industrial System Sdn Bhd and MST Marketing Sdn Bhd

A one-stop entity that is established and well known in the supply of gypsum board products. MST Industrial System Sdn Bhd is the expert in manufacturing, consulting and research and development while MST Marketing Sdn Bhd renders marketing and trading activities and support.

Founded in 1985, MST is a pioneer in the gypsum board industry and has played a major role since the inception of this technology in the Malaysian building industry, not merely through supplying a wide variety of choices but also in offering consultation and support in its application. Today, MST not only offers innovative solutions in gypsum ceiling tiles and alternative selections, it also supplies a wide range of supportive products that include also other types of partition & ceiling.

MST places emphasis on being ahead of the game. Recognizing the change in the industry for diversity, flexibility and strict requirements in building materials, MST constantly develops leading edge products through breakthrough designs and technological and scientific know-how.

As a champion of the industry, MST makes it a topmost priority to make sure its customers are satisfied. This equates to integrity in providing the highest quality products and superior customer services. By this proactive stance, MST, through the years, has boosted its productivity and progressiveness.

MST has always believed in the simplest yet most effective solutions and provides the widest range of material support. MST is a leader in the promotion of environmental-friendly construction material; an eminent figure in encouraging the building industry to be sensitive to the effects on the environment.

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